About Spike

SPIKE is the first and only vodka in the world made from cactus. Going against tradition of using potatoes, corn, and other grains SPIKE VODKA redefines vodka.  Developed and produced in San Antonio, SPIKE VODKA is artisan crafted and micro-distilled.   

SPIKE VODKA is artisan crafted.  Spike is not like other vodka companies.  Every aspect of SPIKE’s production, from harvesting the cactus to bottling, is done by the master distiller and founder of Spike.  All cactus is harvested at local ranches, taken back to the distillery, processed, fermented, and distilled – creating SPIKE. The uniqueness of SPIKE has been described to be like no other vodka.  SPIKE has no burn or bite and many are surprised on the character SPIKE offers. Although SPIKE is not flavored or infused it does have a character that originates from the Texas cactus.  Straight up or mixed SPIKE is great with anything.  After you try SPIKE you will see why SPIKE will become the signature of Texas.  SPIKE has 0 fat, 0 carbohydrates, and 0 cholesterol.