History of SPIKE

From the beginning, & in the true fashion of creating a one of a kind piece of art, Nick Spink, the founder of SPIKE, insisted that the production was always done with passion, soul, and original craftsmanship.

As a connoisseur of vodka, Nick started a mission to create a true signature vodka of Texas.  A signature vodka that was like no other before and one that would stand apart from every other vodka in the world.

After realizing that most vodkas in the market are repurposed industrial ethanol with different labels on the bottle, Nick insisted that the signature of Texas deserved to be hand made - in true artisan fashion. After considering traditional vodka bases he explored nontraditional bases... always striving to find the best to represent Texas.  After considerable research and trials, Nick decided on using the cactus.  Though using the cactus may sound strange, the cactus has been used in Mexican, Spanish, and Native American foods for centuries... besides how much more Texas can you be than the cactus.

After researching on how to make cactus vodka, Nick found that there are no vodkas in the world that are made of cactus. Although there are several spirits that are infused with the flavor of cactus fruits, no vodka is made from fermenting cactus itself. You might think using cactus makes SPIKE a tequila... that is not true. Tequila is only made in the tequila region of Mexico and tequila is made from the agave.

Nick spent four years and many failed attempts developing the final recipe and process for making SPIKE... but now it is perfected and available to you.